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Create the actual PowerPoint Slides, Emails, Sales Copy and More
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Signature Speech Wizard
  • Tons of Options

    Instantly create FOUR (4) different 100% customized speeches complete with PowerPoint slides.

  • PC & MAC

    Downloadable software that works on BOTH PC & MAC.

  • Speeches That Sell

    Creates the speeches AND sales materials you need to promote your talks and get paid to speak.

  • Social Media Promo

    Creates your Tweets, FB Posts and other social media materials… even for podcast interviews!

  • Flexible Output

    Output your speeches and promo materials instantly as PowerPoint (PPTX), Word (DOCX), or Text (TXT) files.

  • Teleseminars / Webinars / Live Talks

    Use the wizard output to instantly create and promote live talks, teleseminars, webinars and more!

  • Easy To Use

    Enter variables once and create all the speeches and promotional materials you want.

  • Professional Results

    Professional-level sales copy, speeches, and promotional materials at a fraction of the price of hiring a professional.

Creates Everything You Need To Create, Deliver, and Promote Your Speeches, Webinars and Teleseminars, including:

  • Fully Customized Signature Speech "Core" Presentation

  • Fully Customized Signature Speech
    "5 Steps" Presentation

  • Fully Customized Signature Speech "Secrets" Presentation

  • Fully Customized Signature Speech "Mistakes" Presentation

  • Professional Sales Copy for Webinar / Teleseminar / Live Talk

  • Complete Promotional Email Sequence

  • Social Media Tweets, Facebook, G+, & LinkedIn Promo Posts

  • Complete PowerPoint Slide Decks of all speeches - PPTX format

  • Complete Follow-up Email Sequence for Teleseminars and Webinars

  • Audience Presentation "Notes" Handout

  • Paid Offer Handout For End-of-Presentation (Your "Pitch")

  • Complete Speaker Notes / Teleseminar Notes in Word DOCX format

  • Thank You Notes To Meeting Planners and Webinar / Teleseminar Hosts

  • ... and much, MUCH More!

BUY NOW Bonuses

  • BONUS Video Training: "From Speaking for Free to Fee!"

    free-to-feeIn this video training Felicia explains how to go from speaking for free to fee! That means getting PAID to deliver your speeches to audiences instead of talking for free. Many people have a hard time transitioning from the free world to the paid world, but Felicia gives you the blueprint for doing just that, including:

    > Why the surge in “Event Planners” is creating a need for MORE speakers (you)…
    > 5 Keys to making money as a speaker. (Without these in place, you’ll never get to where you want to be!)…
    > The only 2 kinds of speeches you need to leverage every speaking opportunity as it comes to you…
    > How to go from speaking for free to speaking for fee and when you can be 100% confident that you’re ready to make that shift…
    > The truth about how your speech, your “image,” AND your “fee” all impact your paycheck…
    > … and much, MUCH more!


  • BONUS Report & Checklist: Speaking Success With Social Media

    social-media-speaking-gigsIn this special report Felicia explains how to get MORE speaking gigs using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    This is a MUST-READ report if you want to get more speaking gigs using the power of Social Media to get in front of more audiences to build your business, make more sales, and expand your influence.

    Instant download!

  • BONUS Report & Checklist: How To Choose a Magnetic Topic and Create a Sexy Speech Title

    magnetic-topicIn this special report Felicia explains how to choose a magnetic topic and create a sexy speech title.

    Your ability to captivate an audience, grab their attention, and get them to WANT to listen to your speech comes down to having a great topic they want to learn about… and a speech title that gets them excited!

    This is a MUST-READ report if you want to get more speaking gigs… and you want people to be primed and ready for your talk before you ever speak the first word.

    Instant download!

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Kat Sturtz, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Practical Intuition Expert, Business Life Coach Kat Sturtz, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Practical Intuition Expert, Business Life Coach, RockingYourPath .com

“An Easy- to-Use Program That Does Exactly What It Promises!”

“Holy cow! After months of embarrassing procrastination, I did it!

In less than 3 hours start to finish, I completed an impressive first draft of my new signature speech thanks to your Signature Speech Wizard. It's not that I didn't know what to do or how to do it. The problem was I wasn't getting it done.

Signature Speech Wizard did the impossible. It got me out of my own way. The question prompts helped me stay focused, and the examples reminded me to keep it simple, relevant and concise.

Thank you Felicia and Jim for creating an easy to use program that does exactly what it promises. You put the magician's wand in my hands with the Signature Speech Wizard.”

Barry Schuster Barry Schuster, Universal Seating Company, UniversalSeating .com

“An Entire Program To Help Make Me Successful!”

“I spent 30 minutes inputting the information for the 43 questions. Not because I am a slow typist- but because the questions required me to think and drill down into my content to extract the best nugget to fit each answer.   

I especially love the 26 Powerpoint slides it created- and the variations that I can use.    

I am most amazed at the "Interview Questions based on speech"- as it has opened up many multiple areas to expand my speech and take my information in new directions.   Just having all the options to create multiple variations and presentations that would have taken me hours is remarkable. (I hate to say it, but I think it is smarter than I- as it frames the information better).  

This is a powerful engine to coalesce information and spit out an entire program to help make me successful. I realize I have just scratched the surface of this creative Wizard- and if you are thinking about how to make your presentation life easier, you have got to try this software.”

John Smithman, President  & Head Coach John Smithman, President & Head Coach, Champions in the Workplace™,

"I love your Wizard: a brilliant idea!"

Dear Felicia and Jim, I purchased your Signature Speech Wizard earlier today and spent most of the afternoon answering the questions to prepare the abundance of materials to help me begin my Workplace Champion webinars.

I love your Wizard: a brilliant idea!



Brian R. King, LCSW, ADHD Coach Brian R. King, LCSW, ADHD Coach, htttp://

It was easy and I got done in an hour what would have taken me an entire day!

"Wow! When my coach (Felicia!) suggested I teach a live webinar - this week! - to sell my new product, I was worried I might not be able to pull everything together, given my extra hectic personal life at the moment. But I accepted her challenge, anyway. All I had to do was open the Signature Speech Wizard.

I just used the software to set up the copy for my new webinar and it's incredible. It was easy and I got done in an hour what would have taken me an entire day!"

Lynne Lee, Christian Life Coach Lynne Lee, Christian Life Coach,

This software is amazing! Don't hesitate to get it NOW

This software is amazing! Don't hesitate to get it NOW. I can hardly wait to create my next speech...

Can you believe it's ME saying that, the one who has run scared from public speaking for so long!?! I also had promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything else, but what I saw in the demo was so amazing that I couldn't pass it up for the price, it will be such a great help.

This software really does help you to create great talks. I didn't intend to buy, I was just planning to glean, but what you and Jim demonstrated was so good that I knew I had to jump in. Thank you!

Divinely Guided Success with Leah Levkowitz - Empowering Breakthroughs to Brilliance Divinely Guided Success with Leah Levkowitz - Empowering Breakthroughs to Brilliance,

Having the step-by-step questions to follow and print out to start with was very helpful

I listened to the power point video last night and that was worth the $97. You are not ADD, you are just very creative and intuitive like myself. All that input pouring can make it difficult to manage into something deliverable. Having the step-by-step questions to follow and print out to start with was very helpful.

The fill in the box interview questions helped the most with the content for my talk, How To Have Divinely Guided Success.

Use This Wizard Risk-FREE For 30 Days!

30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Use the software for 30 days. Put it to the test. Use it to make as many money-making speeches as you want. Use it to make the sales copy to promote your speeches online or offline. Use the software to create your handouts and follow-up emails using proven “million dollar” sales copy. Even use it to create the thank you notes you send to event planners and webinar organizers.

If it doesn’t help you make as many customized Signature Speeches as you need, as fast as you need them, to sell everything from ebooks to software to products, services and coaching, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. All of it! No Questions Asked! No hard feelings. So go ahead, register now and in just a few minutes you’ll be spitting out professional-level, customized speeches and promotional materials at the click of your mouse.

Signature Speech Wizard

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